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WhatsApp Plus APK v17.52 (Oficial)

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Download WhatsApp Plus APK - Latest Version - APK for Android if you want a more sophisticated WhatsApp that allows you to adjust and access a lot

Information of WhatsApp Plus

Compatible with
Android 5.0+
Last version
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About WhatsApp Plus

The Internet has really changed the way we do something. From hobbies to our communication fad: we have developed rapidly as a civilization. Now, we have a small computer that goes into our pocket called a smartphone. This device allows us to do many things that we never expected before.
Because of a smartphone, we now have a lot of apps that do a lot of different things. First, we have an instant messaging application that allows us to communicate with anyone in the world in real time! The most popular instant messaging app right now with over 2 billion active users is WhatsApp. This Facebook app is the main way most people communicate till date, both for business and personal purposes. But no matter how great this app is, it still has limitations. That is why there are a lot of modded apps that have come up lately. But no one comes close to WhatsApp, plus this app offers a lot of cool features!

Introduction to WhatsApp Plus

The Internet has done many amazing things for people of all ages. First, this allows us to be able to communicate with anyone through the use of instant sports applications. This app has the power to connect everyone even though they have no prepaid charges. But even with the increasing demand for this application, WhatsApp is still the main application used by many people.

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Understood by Facebook, WhatsApp is a giant in the field of instant messaging. This app is followed by Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber and others in terms of popularity. Released in 2009, this app is still very useful for most of the people who are craving for communication. Now it has been developed to be more than an app. But even with all the latest updates, this app is still missing for some people.
For this reason, many people turn to this alternative application. WhatsApp Plus is one of the top alternatives of this app that allows you to access so many features. This app is a which means it allows you to access many features that were previously limited or not available for original apps. Things like changing themes, anti-banking, hidden chat, animated stickers, dark fashion and many more can now be accessed here!

In addition, you can also access many features such as text translation, many people in video calls, DND mode, hide screen status, profile picture zoom, send more than 10 images and more. This app has many useful features that make the original app useless. Therefore, WhatsApp Plus Demand continues to increase for years. This and will continue to give you the latest features that allow you to push the limits.

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WhatsApp Plus is a great app that gives users full control over the apps they use. These are some of the most decisive characteristics:
Change Themes, Fonts and Styles: WhatsApp is a great app that presents so many features to its users. This app allows users to directly communicate with friends and loved ones regardless of distance and time. But for some people, the default theme does not match their taste. That is why users tend to root their cell phones and find all kinds of alternatives just to change themes. But you don't need to do it again with WhatsApp Plus! Here, you can easily change your theme in seconds! Access various styles to suit your taste. You can really change the theme every day if you want. There are no consequences if you do that.

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Privacy Features: We all respect our privacy, especially when using the instant messaging app. The instant messaging app sometimes just exceeds the limit which makes users uncomfortable. A good example of this case is the ability for users to see when other people have seen chat or typing. Although this is useful, this is invasive for some people. That's why in WhatsApp Plus, you don't need to deal with it anymore! In addition, you can hide your online status, access anti-banking, hide chat, do not disturb access mode, the ability to freeze the latest anti-delete messages, hide screen status and more. You can also enlarge other people's profile pictures, set privacy for the contact and more! You can really have the most freedom when using this app!
File Sharing – In the original app, it allows users to send media and files. However, there are limits. But if you are someone who does not want to use a third party app to send files, then WhatsApp Plus is the right app for you. Because here, you can send more than 10 photos at a time! You can also send large files and audio to any contact easily because the app increases your limitations! This way, you don't need to send it by email or other methods.
Video Call - Another nice feature of this app is allowing you to have up to 8 people on a video call! The original application limits the number of users in the video call. But thanks to this app, now we can talk to many people at the same time!
Animated stickers and emojis, another great feature that will make people alike about this is the presence of animated stickers and emojis! Here, you will have access to many unique stickers for you to use. Now, you have more ways to express yourself and spice up the conversation.

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No Ads – With so many exciting features, you must have thought that WhatsApp Plus will have ads, right? Also, how do the developers earn from this application? But that's where you were wrong. Here, you can enjoy a smooth app experience without disturbing ads.
Stories – Here, you can also use more than 250 texts for your story! Now, you don't need to limit what you want to say because there are limits.

Whatsapp Frequently Asked Questions More

Whatsapp plus is safe? - Just because this is a modified app, it doesn't mean that the app automatically contains a virus! Therefore, this application is really safe to use because it is often updated. Rest assured that your personal information will be kept confidential like the original application.
What should I do if I am blocked? - First, you can't block here. This is because there are now anti-lake features that prevent others from doing so.
What is WhatsApp Plus Web? - For people who often use their computers, they can have a WhatsApp Plus Web. This allows them to keep in touch with their contact easily even without their cell phones!

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What are the requirements for installation? - You only need to have Android OS 4.0.3 and above.

WhatsApp Plus APK - Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus is an amazing version of the original app. Download the latest version now and access many other features!

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