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GBWhatsApp Pro APK v17.52 (Update 2023)

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GB WhatsApp Pro APK Free on Android. With the latest version of this popular Messenger, more features have been added. Download now!

Information of GBWhatsApp Pro

Compatible with
Android 4.4+
Last version
56.5 MB

About GBWhatsApp Pro


Let's introduce - GB WhatsApp. This is for anyone who has never heard of this app. GB is the latest version of the Messenger app that is widely popular internationally with a similar name (WhatsApp). That is, you can get some similar and dissimilar features between the two versions.

But that was just the initial view. In fact, GB has surpassed the original version in such a way that you will never consider using the original version again once you have the updated app.

And basic WhatsApp

Some people may have chosen to use Facebook Messenger or others as their method of communication. Unfortunately, this app has many different issues. Some of them may include minor disturbances and even very easy to get a ban.

gb whatsapp apk latest version

WhatsApp is a better messenger app and can guarantee users quality service so that people can communicate with their friends and families all over the world. However, WhatsApp still has many issues. That's why this updated version was made. All the previous issues have been adjusted and improved for a more accessible messaging quality.

Additional Features of GB WhatsApp Heymods

Now, let's discuss some additional features that have been added to GB WhatsApp for Android. Pay attention because there are some additions to go through. So, get ready if you want to know every detail.

First, we will discuss the basic enhancements represented by this app. This is what the app has done right compared to the original version:

More Security: Firstly, GB WhatsApp has a default app lock. This means users can add additional layers of protection to their respective devices. We understand that many nosy people are silently waiting to gain access to your conversations and privacy apps. Keep your chats safe and secure at all times by locking them away from intruders. Privacy is key, and this is the #1 way to maintain protection and privacy.

Broadcast to All: Another thing to note is that you can send messages to any user, including those not in your contact list.

gb whatsapp apk new update

Cool Customization: Wait, almost every detail of the app can be customized. That's right, the theme and background are definitely covered. Specifically, chat bubbles, and even the color of the checkmark that shows when a message has been read. Everything can be changed to add personalization to your experience.

Many New Emojis: Emojis are always a great way to express yourself. So, there's more fun included for users to have more options in their conversations.

Exclusivity and Fewer Limits: GB WhatsApp is currently only available on Android mobile devices. But all limits and issues have been reworked or eliminated.

You can see the effects of each of these benefits in the list below. There, you'll understand in more detail why GB WhatsApp is a superior version to download on your Android mobile device.

  • Get a chat head, similar to Facebook Messenger.
  • Stay focused and undisturbed with the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode.
  • You can hide the chat from prying eyes when someone is looking at your device.
  • Easy friend finders are also available.
gb whatsapp apk free download 1
  • Animated stickers are a great addition to GB WhatsApp.
  • You can even customize your app with a DIY theme.
  • Background themes take this one step further.
  • Use stickers and filters during your video calls to make your conversation interesting.
  • Even change the color of your device for this app.
  • GB WhatsApp also supports dark mode.
  • Special privacy options are available in your contact list.
  • You can directly translate any conversation in the app easily.
  • The latest notification you see can be frozen for various reasons.
  • For more settings, you can also change the app logo name.
  • If you want to stay hidden from other users, you can hide your user status.
  • Stay safe from a common issue with the original WhatsApp: random bans. Now, GB WhatsApp's anti-ban feature prevents this from happening.
  • Your contact screen and chat bubbles have been updated and optimized for the benefit of this app.
  • Message processing speed has also been greatly improved.
  • The length and size of various media have significantly increased. For example, stories can now last 5 minutes.
  • Photo size has been expanded to 100 megapixels. Not only that, the image can be sharp HD resolution when sent.
  • Going further, you can send 80MB photos at once. But wait, you can transfer up to 1000 different media messages between users in one go.
download gb whatsapp for android
  • Read receipt checks can now be adjusted.

GB WhatsApp Anti-Ban

WhatsApp has a bad reputation for blocking accounts due to "suspicious activity," whatever that may be. However, GB WhatsApp ignored false accusations and kept your account secure. However, this doesn't mean you should ignore the situation. GB WhatsApp is home to many different aspects that can only be dreamed of with the original app version. That is, if you constantly abuse these features, you risk being caught and permanently banned. So, make sure to always be cautious and use the app carefully.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Update

GB WhatsApp is currently available in the latest version. That is, there is no renewal or new additions news. Therefore, everything included in the current model should be considered the final product. If a new update occurs, we will make sure to add it and keep the user aware.


With all that, you definitely want to choose the latest version of GB WhatsApp instead of the original Messenger. You'd be crazy to ignore all these benefits and additional features. So, go ahead, uninstall WhatsApp, and add GB to your Android library. Download the app now to get started!

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