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FM WhatsApp APK v9.81 (Official)

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FM Whatsapp APK Latest Version: a reinvention of WhatsApp with extras. Maximize customization and security. Discover its unique features now!

Information of FM WhatsApp

Compatible with
Android 4.4+
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59.2 MB

About FM WhatsApp

If you want to get in touch with your loved ones and family, it is normal for you to use WhatsApp. But a better alternative is FM WhatsApp as it has many interesting features.

Internet has brought many changes and benefits to the whole world. Nowadays, we can use a lot of apps and play even while we are inside buses, schools, workplaces and many more. We no longer need to be as dependent on computers as our smartphones can now be considered mini-computers. We use various apps to communicate with others, one of which is WhatsApp. But if you don't want to be limited by this app, you should use FM WhatsApp instead.

What this app does is that it provides the same functions as the normal WhatsApp, only without the limits. Here, the boundaries have been lowered or erased entirely so you can enjoy more ways to connect with others. With this, you can send more images and videos at once, hide your online status, lock the app, customize the app freely, and much more. This app provides the best customizations such as themes, wallpapers, emojis, and much more. Now, you can better connect with whoever you want.

fmwhatsapp for android

Connect better online

It's no surprise that we always use our phones wherever we go. Whether we are going to the park or to work, our phones are essential. They give us a way to contact whoever we want, wherever we are, instantly. Apart from that, we can keep up to date with various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Instagram and many more. And also we can play at any time to relieve our boredom or when we are in public transport.

Smartphones have greatly changed the way we live today. Even to the point that we can no longer live even a day without touching our phones. But apart from the disadvantages, there are many advantages that phones have brought, such as apps. With apps like WhatsApp, you can now connect with whoever you want regardless of their location. This is a step, since now you only need internet to chat and call whoever you want.

But over the years, the features of this app have been severely limited. Nowadays, you can't even use the app if you want to send larger files or change its appearance. But luckily, there is an app like FM WhatsApp to solve these problems. This app is the solution to all your current problems. With this app, you can now access loads of customizations like new themes, icons, colors, and even fonts.

fmwhatsapp apk latest version

Plus, you get access to a ton of privacy features that let you protect your data from prying eyes. Here you can hide features like blue ticks, double ticks, and last seen. In addition, today you can access a lot of powerful tools.

FM WhatsApp Highlights

The world has changed a lot after the appearance of smartphones. But with FM WhatsApp, today you can do more and connect better.

Enjoy better connectivity - Today there are many apps that offer users to connect with their loved ones. With it, you can easily chat, text and call your loved ones, family members, workers and classmates. With this app, you are no longer limited by any connection problems, since you can contact anyone from all over the world. Now you can enjoy 24/7 connectivity whenever you have an internet or data connection. But one of the most popular messaging apps today is WhatsApp and it has many features that you can use.

But one of the disadvantages of using this app is the limitations. Over the years, Facebook has placed many limitations on the use of the app to prevent misuse and abuse. But if you have FM WhatsApp, it's like there are no limitations at all! With this, you can customize the app with whatever theme you want, you can even upload your own. Plus, today you can access other security and privacy features.

fmwhatsapp free download

Personalize your app - We all use many apps in our daily life. Today, we use social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok to see and connect. Apart from that, nowadays there are tons of apps that allow you to find the nearest restaurants, get online courses, read books online and many more. So, if you feel like customizing FM WhatsApp, now you have the possibility to do so. This app allows you to change the theme among a lot of current selections.

Access more privacy features - This app also has many privacy features. Messaging apps like this contain a lot of sensitive information that we don't want others to see. Luckily, now we can keep more privacy even while connected. Here you can hide features like last seen, double ticks, and blue ticks. This is so your contact doesn't know if you've seen their message when you don't want to reply right away.

Also, you can turn off the video call feature if you don't want to receive unwanted calls. You can also access the lock function of the app, which allows you to set a password to use it.

Media Sharing - With this app, you can also enjoy media sharing to the fullest! Here you can send more than 30 photos at a time as well as videos up to 700MB easily. The original app does not allow this because it greatly limits the file sharing function. Now, however, you can easily send many media files with this app.

fmwhatsapp apk

Various Emojis - The app also contains a ton of emojis that you can use today. There are stock emojis, Facebook emojis, Android 0 emojis, and many more. Select the ones you like the most and enjoy them to the fullest!

Awesome Features - There are also many other awesome features that you can use with this app. This includes turning off the forwarding label on messages, limiting who can contact you, clearing status, and more.

Download FM WhatsApp APK - latest version

As you can see, FM WhatsApp offers many features that you can't find in the original app. Download the app today to enjoy all these features at no cost.

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