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Play the click-based mini-game Kaguya Player for mobile. Download the latest Kaguya Player APK and enjoy exciting animations with everything fully unlocked.

Information of Kaguya Player

Compatible with
Android 5.0+
Last version
49 MB

About Kaguya Player

Kaguya Player Mobile Overview

Kaguya Player is a mobile game built on Unity and Live2D. The game lets you enjoy some exciting animations with just a few taps on your mobile screen. If you are tired of playing the usual mobile games, give Kaguya Player for mobile a shot. In this game you can do anything to please the princess and save her. Kaguya Player revolves around the princess, who has some crazy crispy desires. Your main objective is to ensure that you keep her happy in many ways. The game is more stress-relief based and there isn’t any fighting or adventure. Moreover, Kaguya Player is only suitable for mature audiences.

Everything to Know About Kaguya Player Online

Princess Kaguya is a beautiful adventurer who came to earth but unfortunately became a prisoner. As the main protagonist, you have to save the young and beautiful princess. The game allows you do perform a number of different actions. For instance, you can customize anything about her physical appearance. To clarify, you can enlarge or shrink her body parts and make several other changes to your preferences. Kaguya Player online mainly focuses on getting a bit personal with the princess and ensuring all her needs are fulfilled.

kaguya player apk mod

Kaguya Player is a tap-based mobile game. Everything you want to do with the princess, can be done with just a few taps. The storyline is simple, you have to save princess Kaguya. However, since she is still stranded, there are things she wants and things you want to do to her. You can take your sweet time to enjoy yourself with her company.

The game lets you take a break from shooting and arcade games, so you can play something different. The effect of Kaguya player is simple, it’ll help you blow off some steam and relax a bit. The game is entirely simulation based and doesn’t throw any big story mode at you. To clarify, you don’t have to school or complete other side quests. All you have to do is, just make the most of your time with the youthful princess Kaguya.

Kaguya Player APK Best Features

There’s already plenty of competition in the simulation games genre. Therefore, Kaguya Player APK packs its own amazing features to stand out. Since the game is quite straightforward, the developers added some features to make it a bit addictive:

kaguya player apk free
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Intuitive Gameplay
  • Bubbly and Attractive Characters
  • Clean Graphics to Add an Immersive Experience
  • No 3rd Party Ads Included
  • Simple Control System
  • Autosave feature to continue from where you left off.

Kaguya Player APK is not a competitive game but rather a pleasure game. The game is designed specifically for players who need something for their alone times.

What to Expect from Kaguya Player APK?

Kaguya Player APK features the latest version of the original game but with no costs. Let’s have a quick overview of what you can expect after downloading the game.

  • Fun Mature Gameplay – Kaguya Player APK is the #1 favorite of mature simulation game lovers. In Kaguya Player APK, you have an abundance of options to choose from. There is no storyline involved. To clarify, you can just launch the game and start having fun with the princess.
  • Anime Characters – The game has plenty of alluring anime characters. However, princess Kaguya is designed to fit the perfect visuals from your fantasies. Every time you engage with her in multiple ways you desire, she will make plenty of encouraging comments. As you please the princess, her big bright eyes will stare at you with the look of satisfaction.
kaguya player apk latest version
  • Free to Play – The Kaguya Player APK has been modified to unlock all premium features. This means that the actions that require in-app purchase are available for you. Also, you have unlimited game currency to get everything you need to make your experience more joyful.
  • Ads Removed – The princess is like your own on-phone companion. When you are having your pleasant time with her, an advertisement popping up can ruin the experience. Therefore, in this APK, we have taken care of all unnecessary ads.
  • Simple Interface – The game is designed so the controls don’t cover up parts of Kaguya and cause distractions. As you proceed to perform various actions, the controls change to allow you to do a lot more.

In a nutshell, Kaguya Player APK is 100% worth downloading if you love pleasant simulation games.

Download Kaguya Player for Android No Root Required

The download for Kaguya Player for android we offer does not require rooting your phone. You can directly download the APK file and run the installer. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be with the beautiful princess Kaguya.           

How to Play Kaguya Player Free

Kaguya Player is absolutely free and super easy to play. To get the free version, you can download the  APK file directly from our site. If you are wondering about the controls, following is a list of various control options you can expect from the game.

kaguya player apk 2
  • You can search Kaguya by tapping on the screen,
  • You can double tap to enlarge body parts of Kaguya,
  • You can also drag and drop objects and slide your finger to set the pace,
  • If you are already performing a certain action, you can switch to another as it pops up.

Download Kaguya Player Latest Version and Enjoy a Steamy Gameplay!

Since you can do a lot of things to Kaguya with only a few touches, the game just delivers the best simulation experience possible. Your download of Kaguya Player latest version will feature improved graphics and new beautiful anime characters. Not much needs to be said what these characters are for.

Final Thoughts - Kaguya Player Download

Kaguya Player is a download more suitable for adult audiences. Unlike other simulation games, Kaguya Player does not make you work around for instances of pleasure. As the protagonist, you spend all your time directly with Kaguya. You sometimes have to tap your screen, slide it, and shake to perform a number of actions with Kaguya. Each action you take will get you a different reaction from Kaguya. Sometimes you’ll please her or sometimes it will be too painful for her. Just make sure the princess is enjoying as much as you are!

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