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Download Another Girl in The Wall mobile and take control of the cute girl stuck inside of it. Download Another Girl in The Wall APK and solve the girl’s mystery.

Information of Another Girl in The Wall

Compatible with
Android 5.0+
Last version
73.2 MB

About Another Girl in The Wall


Another Girl in The Wall is a fun-filled mobile game that can easily get you hooked for hours. It is an escape room themed game originally developed by Dark Dome.

It falls in line with a continuous series set around a hidden city that holds many mysteries and secrets in its chest. The game revolves around basic puzzle solving and entering an abandoned house to find the girls stuck in the wall.

There are two sides of the game you can play. You can navigate to either side and close up to enable the action buttons.

Since she is stuck there isn’t much to her life but you can change that. Are you capable of ensuring her safety and happiness?

Story of Another Girl in The Wall Online

The story of Another Girl in The Wall begins when news of a sick spreads around the hidden city.

Everyone knows that a girl has been brutally murdered and the house has been abandoned ever since.

However, as time passes, many pedestrians begin to notice strange anomalies and signs of people in the house.

another girl in the wall free download

These rumors take not too long to spread out in the entire city. The protagonist you play in the game is intrigued by this occurrence and cannot shake off the curiosity of going to explore the house.

Finally, he decides to enter the house and explore the mystery. Unfortunately, soon as he steps inside the house, the door slams shut and now he is trapped inside. After struggling to escape and learning all attempts are futile, he sets his mind to finding the girl and escaping the abandoned house.

As the story unravels, the protagonist comes across an incredibly beautiful and adorable looking girl stuck in the wall.

Another Girl in The Wall APK Features

Another Girl in The Wall APK is a simple and straightforward game. All you have to do is make the most of your time with the girl.
The game has continued to grow in terms of users and therefore, lots of new content is added time to time. Let’s have a look at some of the fan favorite features of Another Girl in The Wall APK:

  • Simple Gameplay – The game doesn’t throw you off on boring challenges or anything as such. All you have to do is locate each end of the girl and wait for the action
  • buttons to pop up. Depending on which option you pick, there will be many ways to interact with the girl.
  • Exciting Animations – As you interact with Another Girl in The Wall, the game takes your input and shows you animations.
another girl in the wall latest version
  • Orientations Switch – Another Girl in The Wall can be played in either portrait or landscape. It entirely depends on what you find more comfortable and pleasurable for yourself. There won’t be any black corners to bother you.
  • Anime Theme Style – The game features two girls that are inspired from anime characters.
  • Different Characters – Even though the story of the game talks about only one girl, there are plenty of girls you can choose from. They all have different body types built on user preferences. You can switch between everything, hair color, glasses, etc., Since the whole point of the game is just interacting with the girl, it would be dull if there was only one over and over.
  • X-Ray Mode – In Another Girl in The Wall, you have Xray vision which lets you scan the mysterious girl in the wall and look. This makes the game a tad bit more exciting and don’t worry, this Xray doesn’t show bones.
  • Overall, Another Girl in The Wall APK is packed with features for a simple game. It might get boring eventually but as you play it, it can easily keep you occupied for hours.

Another Girl in The Wall Free Slow-Mo Removal

Another Girl in The Wall is free to download and comes with a slow-mo feature. This makes the gameplay a bit more realistic.

On the other hand, if you are about to make contact with, you can set the pace for it too. Slow-Mo in general is quite a thrilling feature of this fantasy game.

Download Another Girl in The Wall for Android All Combinations and Responses

When you download Another Girl in The Wall for android, you have access to most of the interactive combinations and responses. However, you might need to make an in-app purchase to unlock all the combinations and action buttons that would add more flavor to the game.

Download Another Girl in The Wall Latest Version Updates

The download for Another Girl in The Wall latest version comes with the following updates:

  • 2 main girls stuck in the wall
  • 4 girls added with different hairstyles
  • Switch between characters easily
  • Enable or disable certain features
  • another girl in the wall apk
  • That’s about it for the latest updates!

Final Thoughts - Another Girl in The Wall Download

Another Girl in The Wall is the perfect download if you want to skip the hassle of challenges and get down to business.

It’s just you and a cute girl stuck in a wall. There isn’t any violence or challenges involved other than ensuring her safety and pleasure.

If you are looking for something pleasurable for leisure time then Another Girl in The Wall is all you need on your phone.

The game doesn’t have much to offer nor a storyline but just simple innocent fun.

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