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Dive deeper into a perfect world of fantasies in Castle of Temptation mobile. Put yourself to an intense test of self-control with Castle of Temptation APK.

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About Castle of temptation

There are plenty of interactive puzzle solving games. You are tested in terms of problem-solving skills and technical thinking.

However, Castle of Temptation mobile is the only game that tests your self-control and pushes you the very limit of breaking. Castle of Temptation mobile is an interactive puzzle solving game that takes you into a fantasy world.

Every secret thought you had will be presented before you in this game. You have only one major goal and that is to not give in to your temptations.

Castle of Temptation features a castle theme and you play the role of a youthful strong spirted young man. You go through the journey while avoiding enemies and solving puzzles to unlock rewards.

As you progress, new levels are unlocked and you are rewarded with treasures. Nevertheless, if the enemies catch you, they will indulge you in acts that you could only imagine in your wildest fantasies.

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The game forces you to break free rather than enjoying it. It ultimately comes to show that the only way to victory is by denying your heart the deepest of its desires.

Story of Castle of Temptation Online

The story of Castle of Temptation online revolves around a young pink-haired man. Your character is every definition of a strong man radiating “youth” in his presence.

His personality is enough alone to attract all enemies that want to get the better of him. The castle is crawling with animals, monsters, and obstacles.

As the hero continues his adventure, he must avoid being grabbed by the wicked women of the castle. The only issue is that they are incredibly attractive and beautiful head to toe.

This makes it all the more difficult to resist temptations and break free from them.

The story highlights that a dark era has gained reign over the country after 86 years of peace. The treaty was between humans and demons but now a war broke out and all the demonic forces are in control.

The Castle of Temptation keeps in its belly many a mysteries and secrets and dares individuals to explore. Many have tried but fell victim to the magic of the demonic women in the castle.

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As the hero, you must prove to be better and defeat all enemies. Your final foe will be the succubus queen. She will not be like any women who tried to captivate you on your journey.

Her appearance will be insanely alluring and it will be extremely difficult for you to stay focused while beholding her unrivaled beauty.

Castle of Temptation APK Features

Castle of Temptation comes loaded with features that make the overall gameplay a lot more fun. Let’s have a quick look at some of the commonly known features of the game:

  • Vector Graphics – Castle of Temptation APK is incredibly fun as it is, adding more visuals to it would make it addictive to an unhealthy point. Therefore, the 2D graphics were implemented. This says a lot about the original gameplay.
  • Explore a Vast Castle – The Castle of Temptation is insanely large and swarming with alluring demonic women. You have to solve numerous puzzles and mysteries while not getting swayed away by the women of the castle.
  • Upgrades – As you progress in the game, you are rewarded with various items and treasures. You can use these to upgrade your hero’s stats and abilities. These will come in handy later on as more women get a hold of you.
  • Fierce Enemies – The women you encounter in the castle are your enemies. They have one goal and that is to throw you off your quest by whatever means necessary. Just be sure you don’t fall victim to their sugary traps.
  • Captivating Storyline – The storyline of Castle of Temptation is wonderful. It’s inspired from a novel but has many alluring characters. Rather than fighting enemies, you have to fight your temptation and face off with the succubus queen. You win the game if you defeat her. It sounds simple but it gets way too hard.
castle of temptation apk

The controls of Castle of Temptation make it even better. They are easy and simple to use navigation buttons. Therefore, you can focus more on the intense animations and maybe lose a few times or so just for the fun of it!

Castle of Temptation Free Puzzles

When it comes to puzzles, Castle of Temptation has many to offer for free. The game forces you to do some critical thinking while adding more joy in defeat.

The animations make you want to continue watching but that is the hard bit.

You have to fully use your brain to solve puzzles while fighting the temptation of seeing the animations through. If you cannot resist and don’t break free in time. You lose.

Download Castle of Temptation for Android with All Game Characters

When you download Castle of Temptation for Android you already get all the characters involved. These include enemies that are different in terms of appearance.

Some are humans, while others are demonic creatures and beasts. Either way, they are all women and quite beautiful at that.

On your journey, you will encounter many that you would fantasize about but your goal is to ignore them and complete your objective.

Download Castle of Temptation Latest Version High Level Castle Design

After you finish your download of Castle of Temptation latest version, you will be able to enjoy an even more detailed and beautiful castle.

All the bugs in old versions have been fixed and more details are added to characters as well.

castle of temptation free download

The latest version is noticeably more pleasurable than the previous ones. Therefore, it is recommended that you give it a try.

Final Thoughts - Castle of Temptation Download

When you get the Castle of Temptation download, you will realize that the game is incredibly unique. It involves numerous puzzles and adventures but it has a major element of bringing fantasies to life.

Your temptations will be used against you to try and divert your focus from the puzzles. The game literally tortures you in a sweet manner.

If you are looking for something pleasant to kill your time with then Castle of Temptation makes a good addition to your games.

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