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Start locking with Lovecraft Locker mobile – the most popular anime theme game. Download Lovecraft Locker APK and grow your collection of beautiful anime girls.

Information of Lovecraft Locker

Compatible with
Android 4.2+
Last version
115 MB

About Lovecraft Locker

Lovecraft Locker mobile is a fun game that’s designed to give you something pleasurable to kill time with. It may not look like it but Lovecraft Locker stands as the pinnacle of all anime theme-based games in Japan.

There are millions of active users who are captivated by the intriguing and addictive gameplay. Regardless of the goofy and naughty tentacle monsters, Lovecraft Locker has an immersive gameplay.

You will go through an entirely different experience and won’t even know why you feel so excited. The story will revolve around a high school that has way too many girls. Each girl is different and has her own unique traits.

lovecraft locked apk

You might even fall for a few on your way. Either way, you have one objective and that is to grab and lock as many girls in the lockers as you can. 

Lovecraft Locker Online Synopsis

In its essence, Lovecraft Locker is a simulation game. However, it is not like the ones you play to build houses and start a family. Lovecraft Locker follows its own unique plot. There isn’t any top view or anything. The game is entirely in a 2D state and you are given only a few controls.

The game begins with the tentacle monster communicating with you and teasing you. You only have one cabinet but you must signal the monster when is the right time to lock a girl. There are different locations. For instance, hallways, libraries, outside school, etc., As you lock girls and gain points, you will be awarded with more lockers.

At first glimpse it seems like there isn’t much to the game except for just pulling in girls and locking them. However, the real deal is within those lockers. Soon as you use the tentacles to grab the cute anime girls and pull them inside, it all falls in place. There are some “unique” animations that begin and even though the girls are abducted, they are given so much pleasure that they don’t even think about leaving.

That is to say, apart from locking girls you have to please them and they forever remain within your grasp. Moreover, it is not as simple to just abduct the girls. Throughout the game, you have to be extremely careful. To clarify, you need to find the right opportunity to lock girls. If your timing is off and someone sees you, the witness will inform everyone and your fun-filled high school life is over.

lovecraft locked latest version

Overall, it’s a joyful game to kill some time with.

Lovecraft Locker APK Features

Lovecraft Locker APK is a beast of a game when it comes to a game that brings the best of humor and pleasure in a cup of suspense. There are numerous features in-game that make it even better. Obviously, there is a reason that Lovecraft Locker APK received millions of downloads. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent features of the game:

  • Cartoonish Graphics – As aforementioned, Lovecraft Locker APK won’t offer you the same 3D graphics as most online simulation games. However, if you compare it with the unique gameplay. The cartoonish graphics work the best and make it incredibly fun to play.
  • Easy Game Controls – Most simulation games involve a lot of complicated controls and actions. Lovecraft Locker APK is designed in such a way that you have to do less from your end and receive more pleasure from the game through the juicy animations.
  • Playful Gameplay – Lovecraft Locker APK is extremely playful. That is to say, there is no violence of any sort involved. It’s a simple game where you just lock girls and make them happy in a different way. The game might get you excited but it will also make you laugh at the goofy expressions of the cute girls as the tentacle monster plays with them.
  • Upgrades – The more girls you lock and please, the more points you earn. As you progress in the game, you earn different rewards which can be used to buy more vacant lockers. Even though, the tentacle monster is a monster but he has to pay for his lockers. This feature keeps a balance that allows you to enjoy the game with a touch of challenge.

lovecraft locked free download

The features listed above are the ones you can find in the freemium version of the game. There are many other exclusive features that can be accessed if you purchase from the original owners. However, you can still download the Lovecraft Locker APK from our site to give it a try. If you love the game, don’t forget to contribute to the authors.

Download Lovecraft Locker for Android with New Attires

Lovecraft Locker for android has recently received some new attires and characters. The APK file available at our site offers all of the latest content. This includes the nurse’s uniform among many others.

Lovecraft Locker Free Version

download lovecraft locked for android

Lovecraft Locker APK is free to download from our site. It’s the packaged version of the original game with all the content you would find there. However, no modifications have been made and you can enjoy all the free aspects of the game. If you want to access VIP features, you will be required to purchase via in-game currency.

Download Lovecraft Locker Latest Version with Gym Instructor

The APK download for Lovecraft Locker latest version features a new character – “the gym instructor”. She is a beautiful mature lady and comes with some exciting features. You can try and see if you can lock her as well but be careful, she is smarter than she looks and will tease you before you can get to her.

Final Thoughts - Lovecraft Locker Download

If you are into anime and cute anime girls then this is the perfect game for you. Don’t let the tentacle monster throw you off, the game actually gets quite exciting because of him.

With over 10 million downloads and frequent updates, Lovecraft Locker is truly a splendid download you can keep on your phone.

It won’t take much space but it sure will take a lot of your time because it is an addictive game.

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