Latest versionv8.95
UpdatedOctober 5, 2021
Size45.7 MB
Required Android4.4+
DeveloperHeyMods Team


Introducing YoWhatsApp

Let’s begin by introducing YoWhatsApp to any user who aren’t familiar. Yo is an updated version to the already popular application of the same name (WhatsApp). To this extent, you can expect a bunch of updated and improved features.


And this is definitely the case, you will never go back to the original version, after using this one. Continue reading to get more details regarding the messenger.

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Original WhatsApp

The original version, WhatsApp is already such a great messenger application with many different features for its users to utilize. As such, many people across the globe are already raving over the original version.

However, there are still a few problems with this adaption. No app is perfect. And, that’s where YoWhatsApp comes in. This update improves upon what was already working and adds even more feature to compliment. Not only this, but some previous issues have been completely removed, altogether.

YoWhatsApp HeyMods Added Features

Now, let’s go over some of the additional features that have been added onto the YoWhatsApp download for Android. Be warned there are quite a few additions to read. So, be prepared, if you want to know every individual detail.

First of all, we will go over the basic improvements that this application represents. These are what the app has done right in comparison to the original…


More Useful: First, the app has a built app lock. You can use this for an extra layer of protection on your device. There are a lot of nosey people these days, and it’s easy for someone to come around and try to sneak through your device. Keep all your personal and important info to yourself without doing anything.

Send Messages to Everyone: One great and unique feature Is the ability to message with anyone, regardless of contact info. You can message a total stranger, without having ever received their phone number added to your contacts. This was basically impossible in the basic version. So, this is another great future worth noting.

Cool Customization: That’s not where it stops either, you can customize almost every aspect of the application. This includes the logo and name of the app. And ranges even further to your chat bubbles, themes, backgrounds, and even the check marks that change color once a message has been read.

Tons of New Emojis: Express your creativity with the dozens of extra emojis that were excluded from the original. It’s never been this easy and free to show off your feelings and emotions to others around you.


Exclusive and Less Limits: The app is exclusive to your mobile device, at the moment. But, all restrictions that were previously mentioned have been removed.

All of these benefits will be broken down below. Continue to read to find out more about these aspects.

  • Use a Do Not Disturb mode to keep yourself from being bothered by others.
  • Locate your friends’ locations in an instant.
  • Taken straight from FB Messenger, you can use chat heads to manage your messages a lot easier.
  • In addition, you can hide your chats from any nosey people trying to snoop on your device.
  • Add your own custom themes onto the application to add some personality.
  • As such, there are a ton of different animated stickers to use as well.
  • There are also dynamic backgrounds for your themes.
  • YoWhatsApp is fully supportive with dark mode.
  • Speaking of which, you can also add various colors to your mobile device.
  • On another note, video chats can become even more engaging when using the various filters and stickers options.
  • Get custom privacy for your contacts.
  • Texts in all of your conversations can be instantly translated from you.


  • Additionally, you can freeze your last seen for discretional purposes.
  • The name logo of YoWhatsApp can even be changed at any time.
  • You can hide your view status to prevent others from knowing when you’ve read their messages.
  • Not only this, but you’ll also be able to prevent yourself from being banned on the application, to a certain extent.
  • The contacts screen has been updated to look more alive and refreshing.
  • The overall speed of the applications has been improved for quick messaging.
  • Now, you’ll be able to set up your stories to up to 5 minutes long!
  • Also, photos up to 100m pixels and be sent. Furthermore, they will all be sent and received in HD quality.
  • Likewise, videos can be sent from up to 80mb of data. Not just this, but over 1000 different media can be sent around at once.
  • The blue check when reading a message can also be customized.
  • Even emojis get special treatment. There are many more different options to express yourself.
  • Chat bubbles have also been optimized for convenience sake.

YoWhatsApp Anti Ban

Whenever unusual activity is detected by WhatsApp, it can lead to your account becoming banned. However, YoWhatsApp has completely bypassed these problems. You can continue to use the app and no longer worry about a random ban for no apparent reason.

Although, you should still be wary. Since this application contains functions that aren’t originally from WhatsApp, you will need to keep attention away from your account. Excess use of these additional features could result in a permanent band, if you’re not careful.


So, continue to use this application with caution. Otherwise, you may regret your decisions in the future.

YoWhatsApp Updates

YoWhatsApp has been fully updated, as of today. The original developers of this upgraded messenger have stopped releasing any new patches or adjustments to the app. So, you have the definitive version available here. This may be different in the future. But, only time will tell. For now, you have the most recent version of YoWhatsApp before your eyes.


So, now you know the superior version of WhatsApp. Go ahead and delete the original from your device and replace it with YoWhatsApp latest version.