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Download OGWhatsApp APK – The Perfect WhatsApp Clone

If you want to get the best WhatsApp experience ever, switch to OGWhatsApp! See the difference in the features, limits and overall experience right now.
It’s a known fact today that smartphones are taking over the world. We use it a lot for a lot of reasons and in every situation today. Whether we’re bored or not, we can play games with it, we can chat with anyone, we can buy things online and more. Then, we can also connect with people we know and we don’t know personally for personal and work-related reasons. Because of this, OGWhatsApp is the best companion app that you can download today. It’s the perfect version of WhatsApp that you’re looking for.
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If you search the web today, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app with over 2 billion users! That’s an incredible number but it’s not surprising since this app is owned by Facebook which is the most popular social media platform today. But even though the app is used by many, it has a lot of flaws as well. But if you use OGWhatsApp, you can get the more complete and the better version of the app!

Enjoy Fuller Features

We use a lot of apps today that differ in purpose, pricing, and other elements. But they all serve a common purpose which is to help us do something, whether to work or play. Moreover, new apps are created to solve different problems and to ultimately make our lives much easier. There are already thousands of apps in existence today including games but there are also new ones each day. Undeniably, the most popular apps are social media ones where they allow people to connect.


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Today, we use social media sites to browse, get updated with the latest trends and news, contact our loved ones and friends and do more. Instant messaging apps were created to connect us with anyone today, regardless of their location solely. Because of this, we use a lot of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, QQ and WhatsApp. WhatsApp has the highest number of active users today all over the world. But even this powerful app has some limitations and shortcomings that we can’t easily solve.

So, instead of switching over to an entirely new ecosystem, you can just switch over to OGWhatsApp and get the same functionalities! Here, you can still call, chat and video call your contacts but the app has some added features as well. Here, you can make a call to non-contacts even if they’re not on your list to make things easier. You can also block a particular person from calling you easily in this app. Moreover, this app solves the limitations of the original as this lets you send up to 90 images at once.

This app also respects your privacy as you can prevent the grey ticks from becoming blue. Overall, you can access a lot of settings here.



Highlights of OGWhatsApp

In this day and age, it’s rare to see someone who doesn’t use a smartphone. So, if you’re ready to get the full features of WhatsApp, try OGWhatsApp.

Get the Full Features for Free

We can use many apps right now that serve unique purposes. We see apps being made for weather forecasts, for maps, for playing and connecting with others. In this day and age, the internet has made it easier to connect with everyone we know and even strangers. Today, we can use instant messaging apps to contact our friends, loved ones, officemates and anyone we wish to talk to. The world has gotten smaller now, thanks to these apps that allow us to connect with others.

WhatsApp remains the number one instant messaging app today with billions of registered users. But even with this high-tech app comes a lot of shortcomings and limitations. For one, it restricts media sharing up to a certain file size so that users can’t abuse it. But with OGWhatsApp, you can now go beyond the normal size limit! You can also access plenty of awesome features today.

Stickers and Emojis 

Who doesn’t send emojis and stickers when chatting? We can easily sound monotonous or unaffectionate when chatting with someone. This is why there are emojis around to express how we feel easily without the need to video chat. But the original app only features a limited number of stickers and emojis. If you want to access more of these, then you need OGWhatsApp now. This app features a ton of emojis in different themes and apps today.


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Privacy Options

This app also takes care of your privacy big time. Here, you can send a private reply to groups, change media visibility for certain contacts, block particular contacts and more. With this app, you can customize your privacy options for our convenience. You can also set the group name for more than 35 characters here. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about being banned by WhatsApp by using this app.

Send Plenty of Documents

Sending media files today has never been easier thanks to instant messaging apps. However, WhatsApp limits the size of the media we can send today to a certain extent. But with OGWhatsApp, you can easily send up to 90 images at once and a lot of videos today.

Status Download

You can also download the statuses of other people in this app. This isn’t a feature in the original app but this one is welcomed by many users. Now, we can easily save whatever status we want.


This app also lets you see the deleted messages and status! Now, you can easily see what the message of the other person is even if they’ve deleted it. This is a lifesaver for most people as you don’t need to guess what the other person has deleted.

Message Scheduling

Another important feature is the message scheduler which allows you to schedule messages to be sent at a particular time. Now, you can schedule messages with the messages already written to be sent when you want it to.


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Download OGWhatsApp APK – latest version

As you can see, OGWhatsApp is the complete version of WhatsApp. With an abundance of features and increased limits, you can do more and contact more people.