NameGB WhatsApp
Latest version17.00
UpdatedSeptember 19, 2022
Size44.8 MB
Required Android4.4+
DeveloperHeyMods Team


Introducing GB WhatsApp

Let us introduce – GB WhatsApp. That is, for anyone who isn’t familiar with the application already. GB is an updated version internationally popular messenger app of similar title (WhatsApp). What this means, you could expect some similar and not to similar features between the two versions.


But, that’s just as face value. In fact, GB outclasses the original in such a way that you will never consider using the base over this update.

And the Basic WhatsApp

Some people may have chosen to use Facebook Messenger or some other as their go-to method of communication. Unfortunately, these applications have a plethora of different issues. Some of these can include minor glitches and even an easy ban.

WhatsApp is one of the better messenger apps that can guarantee users a quality service while also being able to communicate with their friends and families across the globe.

However, WhatsApp still has its fair share of problems. And that’s why these updated versions have been made. All previous issues have been adjusted and improved upon for the most quality of messengers available.

GBWhatsApp HeyMods Added Features

Now, let’s go over some of the additional features that have been added onto the GB WhatsApp download for Android. Be warned there are quite a few additions to read. So, be prepared, if you want to know every individual detail.

First of all, we will go over the basic improvements that this application represents. These are what the app has done right in comparison to the original…


More Useful: First of all, the GB WhatsApp download has built-in app lock. Meaning, users can add an extra layer of protection to their devices. We understand a plethora of nosey people are just waiting to gain access to your conversations and privacy. Keep any of your convos safe and secured at all times by blocking them away from any of these so-called intruders. Privacy comes first, and this is the #1 way to keep protection and privacy relevant.

Send Messages to Everyone: Another thing to note, you can message with any users. This even includes users who aren’t on your list of contacts.

Cool Customization: Hold on, nearly all cosmetic details of the app can be customized. That’s right, themes and backgrounds are definitely covered. What else? Chat bubbles, and even the color of the check marks that indicate when a message has been read. Everything can be changed to an extent to add personalization to your experience.

Tons of New Emojis: Emojis are always a great way to express yourself. So, many more of these fun smileys have been included for users to have even more options in their conversations.

Exclusive and Less Limits: GB WhatsAPP is currently only an Android mobile device exclusive app. But, all restrictions and issues have been reworked or upright removed.


You can see the effects from each of these benefits in the list below. There, you will understand in more detail why GB WhatsApp is the superior version to download onto your Android mobile device.

  • Get chat heads, similar to those on Facebook Messenger.
  • Stay focused and undistracted with DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode.
  • Also, you can keep your chats hidden from any wondering eyes that may come across your device.
  • Easy friend locator is also available.
  • Animated stickers are a great addition to GB WhatsApp.
  • Also, you’ll be able to personalize your application with DIY themes.
  • Theme backgrounds take this another step further.
  • Use stickers and filters during your video calls to make your conversation for interesting.
  • Even change the color of your device, for this app.
  • GB WhatApp even supports dark mode.
  • Custom privacy is available on your list of contacts.
  • You can also instantly translate any conversations had on the application with ease.
  • Additionally, your last seen notification can be frozen various reasons.
  • As for more customization, you can also change the name of your app logo.
  • If you want stay hidden from other users, you can also keep your seen status away from users.
  • Stay safe from one common issue present from the original WhatsApp – random banning. Now, GB WhatsApp anti ban prevents this from happening.
  • Both your contacts screen and chat bubbles have been updated and optimized for the benefit of this app.


  • Messaging speeds have also been super-charged.
  • The length and size of multiple media have been greatly increased. For instance, stories can now be 5 minutes in length.
  • Second, photo size has been expanded to 100m pixels. That’s not all, they will also be in crisp HD when sent.
  • To go further 80mb photos can sent sent at once. But wait, up to 1000 different media messages can be transferred between users at one given time.
  • The read check mark can now be customized.

Gb WhatsApp Anti Ban

WhatsApp has had a bad reputation of banning accounts for “suspicious activity”, whatever that may be. However, GB WhatsApp ignores these false accusations and keeps your account safe.

However, this doesn’t mean you should be nonchalant about the situation. GB WhatsApp is home to a ton of different aspects that the original could only dream of having. Meaning, if you continuously abuse these features, you could risk being caught and permanently banned.


So, make sure to always remain on your toes and use the application with absolute caution.

GB WhatsApp Updates

GB WhatsApp is currently at its most updated version to date. Meaning, that there aren’t any new updates or news of further additions. With that being said, everything included in the current model should be taken as the final product.

If any new updates happen to come around, we will make sure to add them and keep users aware.


With all of that being said, you should definitely choose GB WhatsApp latest version over the original messenger. You would be crazy to ignore all of these additional benefits and characteristics. So, go ahead and remove WhatsApp and add GB to your Android library.

Download the app now to begin!