NameFouad WhatsApp
Latest versionv9.11
UpdatedDecember 27, 2021
Size42 MB
Required Android4.4+
DeveloperHeyMods Team


Download Fouad WhatsApp APK – Access More Messaging Features

Do you use a lot of messaging apps? If you do, then Fouad WhatsApp is your next one! This app contains many exclusive features that even the original doesn’t have.

Do you love to use your phone wherever you go? If so, then you must use a ton of apps and games today for various purposes. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps right now that you can download and use today. These are apps that you can use in a variety of situations right now. But if you want to get the full features of WhatsApp, download Fouad WhatsApp today!

With this app on your hands, you don’t need any other instant messaging apps today. Since WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app today, it makes sense that people would want to download its clone that provides more features. This app features many tools like the ability to write statuses of up to 250 characters, a variety of emojis to use, use two WhatsApp account simultaneously, file transfers of up to 50 MB, send videos of up to 1GB and many more. It also boasts security features such as the app lock, conversations lock and many widgets.

The Ultimate WhatsApp Clone

In the digital age, we now have easy access to many tools and resources at our disposal. These tools make our lives easier and better every single day since they provide us with everything we need. There’s a lot of automated tools right now and smartphones make it easier for us to use these tools (apps). The existence of smartphones has changed the way we live forever, for better or for worse. If you want to call someone, you can do so and you can also do many things with it.

But to be able to enjoy many things, you’ll need the perfect apps for every occasion. This is why there are certain apps made for different purposes and there are thousands of them! You have so many apps to choose from when it comes to instant messaging but nothing can compete with WhatsApp. This app lets you connect with over 2 billion users worldwide today. This is a product of Facebook and they have so many users today that they remain one of the best instant messaging apps.

But as great as this app is, it also has a lot of downfalls. It has a lot of limits which a lot of users aren’t happy about since this means more work and inconvenience for them. To solve this problem, they’d rather search for a reliable clone of WhatsApp than use another instant messaging app. Fortunately, Fouad WhatsApp is one of the best in the business today which can offer you a mountain of features. This app lets you get all the same features you’re currently enjoying but with added ones.

fouad whatsapp apk latest version


Here, you can change the theme so you can personalize the app. You can also enjoy plenty of privacy features!

Capabilities of Fouad WhatsApp

There are so many clones of WhatsApp today that’s available to download. But if you want a reliable one, try Fouad WhatsApp. This app has been tested by millions today.

Enjoy More Features – The world has progressed so much ever since technology has been pushing forward. Now, we have so many gadgets and resources available to us anytime we want. We can play games, read the news, watch movies, enjoy chatting with family and more with our smartphones. These devices have opened us so many things that we can use today to make our lives more comfortable. This is why instant messaging apps have been booming over the past years as more and more people are demanding for it.

WhatsApp remains one of the most popular with over 2 billion users today worldwide and counting. This means that for every 7 people, there are 2 people who use WhatsApp right now. But even a great app comes with some limitations which can irritate some people today. This is why you should instead use Fouad WhatsApp which is like the more advanced version of WhatsApp. In this app, the limits have been increased and you can access more features.

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Increased Limits on Sharing – One of the ways smartphones have changed the way we work and live today is through media sharing. With instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, we can send any video, image, and file to anyone easily. With this feature, you no longer need to email people all the time which can get tiring quickly. But throughout the years, WhatsApp has dramatically limited the file size that you can send.

But thanks to Fouad WhatsApp, you can send files of up to 50 MB, videos of up to 1GB and many photos. This means that you can continue to send files using this app without any hassle. You don’t need to use third-party apps like Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive or any other to send big files today.

Full Customization – This app also offers full customization way past what you can do in the original app. WhatsApp doesn’t let you change the theme any way you can to provide uniformity. But for some users, it just kills their creativity and personalization that users are fond of. But with Fouad WhatsApp, you can change the theme with a huge selection, change the line color between chats, place a picture of groups and many more. This app lets you basically change anything you want to make it look as personalized as possible.

Privacy options – With this app, you can also lock certain conversations in the app with a password. You can also hide your online status from contacts if you don’t want to be seen as online while using it. Moreover, you can hide all the media from the gallery so you don’t risk anyone seeing it.

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Anti-delete messages – This app also has an anti-delete message tool that never lets anyone delete messages they sent. This allows you to easily recover conversations if you need to.

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Download Fouad WhatsApp APK – latest version

With Fouad WhatsApp, you don’t need any other instant messaging app today. It’s packed with everything you need plus some added features!